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Woman Claims Mesh Face Mask is CDC Approved: ‘This is my Cloth Covering’



Most anti-maskers simply refuse to don a face covering—one woman, however, went to new lengths to find a mask that would adequately convey her beliefs to the world.

Captured in a now-viral TikTok, which appears to have originally been posted by user @sunny.d.angelo, the woman is shown arguing with someone off-screen. What’s most striking in the video is the woman’s mask—or lack thereof.

The woman appears to be wearing a mask, or, rather, the outline of one. So, while strips of fabric lay over her nose, under her chin, and around her ears, the center of the mask appears virtually nonexistent. Upon close inspection, it seems as though the functional part of the mask is constructed of highly transparent mesh fabric. As such, the woman’s mouth and chin are left totally exposed to the elements and those in close proximity will not be protected.

In the video, the woman appears to argue when confronted about the inadequacy of her mask.

Insisting that her mask meets CDC guidelines, she says, “It says a cloth covering over your nose and your mouth. This is my cloth covering over my nose and my mouth.”

“There is no adequacy in a face mask,” she continues. “There is absolutely none. I don’t see it anywhere in the CDC guidelines.”


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The TikTok has already reached over 2 million viewers, with tens of thousands of commenters weighing in on the situation.

Many users lamented the great lengths that some people, this woman included, will go to in order to make a point and defy guidelines.

“You know she was just waiting for someone to say something,” wrote one user.

“She practiced this confrontation in her mirror, before leaving the house,” said another.

“She really thought she did something…” reads another comment.

Others pointed out that the mask simply does not meet CDC guidelines, noting that “mesh is not adequate” as a face mask material.

“CDC says cloth masks need 2 or more layers of tightly-woven fabric,” explained one user.

Some commenters, however, came to the woman’s defense, arguing that she is “technically right” and “not wrong.”

“Good for her, and I’d do the same!!!” said one commenter.

According to the CDC, cloth masks should consist of “multiple layers of tightly woven, breathable fabric” and “should block light when held up to bright light source.” They also specify that individuals should not wear masks that are a “single-layer” or “made of thin fabric that doesn’t block light.”

The CDC guidelines state that cloth masks should consist of “multiple layers of tightly woven, breathable fabric.”
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