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Website Offering Information Reported Papeleta National Security



Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman has reported an unofficial election information website to Homeland Security in a bid to tackle misinformation.

Wyman warned voters that the website, which appears to be a useful tool for tracking ballots, is giving out “categorically wrong” information. says on its homepage that it uses available data from the Washington Secretary of State, “to provide enhanced access to your public voter information.”

The site, which does not provide information on who created it, states that it is a “fully self funded non partisan project” and aims to “enable public review and public discussion” about publicly available data.

VoteWA, the only official website for voter information.

However, the secretary of state also sought to reassure voters of Washington’s election systems, saying: “We’re confident that our system has not had any breaches, it has not been compromised in any way, and that it is still operating fully secure,” according to the publication.

But it also reported that Wyman still urged voters to share suspected emails and social media posts with her office “to really help us combat these efforts.”



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