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Watch: Oklahoma School Celebrates After Cafeteria Manager Passes U.S. Citizenship Test



Cafeteria manager Yanet Lopez was met by a hall full of clapping students and staff on Tuesday at Prairie Vale Elementary School in Edmond, Oklahoma, as they celebrated her passing her U.S. citizenship test while she waved a small American flag.

The video was taken by the school’s principal Michelle Anderson who told The Liberty Buzz that Lopez, who has worked for the school for three years, had no idea she was about to be celebrated for her accomplishment that she achieved on Monday.

“I sent the school nurse down there [to Lopez] and I said, ‘hey, go get miss Yanet and I’m going to get everybody out in the hall,'” Anderson said. “So she [the nurse] went down there and said, ‘Hey, Michelle needs you.’ And it was like, ‘Am I in trouble?’ and the nurse said, ‘No, you’re not in trouble I need you to come with me,’ and by the time they got out to the hall, the kids were out in the hall clapping.”

Anderson called the celebration the most adorable moment she had ever seen.

“I was crying. She was crying. All the teachers were crying and the kids were hugging and talking and cheering and chanting U-S-A,” Anderson said. “It was just a really amazing sight to see and I was so glad that we got it on film because it was just too precious not to.”

Although the celebration was a surprise to Lopez, she surprised the school herself according to Anderson who said that Lopez had not previously mentioned she was going to take her citizenship test.

“She ended up finding out on Monday that she passed it, and we were all just so thrilled to pieces,” Anderson said. “One of the things that we’d love to do at our school is celebrate people’s accomplishments, whether it be the kids or the staff, or the school in general.”

The school made sure to celebrate Lopez’s accomplishment on their Facebook page where the video and photos were posted of the moment.

“Every morning Ms. Yanet walks into the office and proclaims ‘Good Morning, Pretty Ladies’ and with a smile and a laugh she always starts the day with a positive message!,” a post written by Anderson on the school’s Facebook page read. “I am so excited for Ms. Yanet and the realization of one of her dreams in passing her citizenship test! We laughed that she would know more than those of us born in the US. I am honored to work with one best US citizens I know!”

Anderson said that Lopez is loved at Prairie Vale Elementary and that the school strives to lift members of its community up.

A US citizenship test review booklet and notes are seen during a citizenshipt test prearation class in Perris, California, June 16, 2016.
Robyn Beck/Getty
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