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Virginia Republicans Raise Alarms After Radical Dems Team Up



A couple of weeks ago, Fairfax NAACP leader Michelle Leete appeared in a viral video wherein she is seen ranting outside the Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church, Virginia, stating that people who are anti-social justice should die. The footage was posted on twitter by Asra Nomani, an author and former Georgetown University professor who is assisting anti-CRT group Parents Defending Education.

“Let’s deny this off-key band of people that are anti-education, anti-teacher, anti-equity, anti-history, anti-racial, anti-opportunities, anti-help people, anti-diversity, anti-science, anti-change agent, anti-social justice, anti-health care, anti-worker, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-children, anti-health care, anti-worker, anti-environment, anti-admissions policy change, anti-inclusion, anti-live and let live – let them die!” Leete ranted in the video. 

Due to a request of the Virginia PTA executive committee, Leete immediately stepped down from her role of Vice President of Training.

“The actions & rhetoric of Ms. Leete & all of the like-minded partisan supporters of the SB are deeply disappointing. It evinces a deep lack of concern for children & parents, particularly where the wellbeing of children & families clash with political considerations,” the Virginia PTA said in an official statement. 

Earlier this week, Virginia Republicans have intensified its fight against cancel culture and radical leftism that have been plaguing the nation. Leete’s troubling video didn’t go unnoticed by alarmed members of the GOP.

“Claiming that those who stand against critical race theory are ‘anti-children,’ ‘anti-teacher,’ and ‘anti-education’, among other things, shows how much animosity she has for those who do not agree with her. These actions and words are extremely divisive and disappointing. Wishing death on those who do not agree with you only causes more harm, and it is not the way we work toward a brighter, more hopeful nation,”  Rep. Rob Wittman, of Virginia’s 1st Congressional District said in an interview.

Jason Miyares, a Republican candidate for Virginia attorney general whose mother escaped from the communist regime in Cuba, was shocked by the violent rhetoric that was displayed by Leete in Fairfax. 

“This is kind of symptomatic of his far-left liberal monopoly we have in Richmond, where you have one-party rule, that is completely controlling our state government and our education system, and it’s trickling down. I think Virginia voters have a really unique chance this fall to let their voice be heard, to try to break this liberal monopoly,” Miyares stated in an interview with Fox News.

“The great irony we’re facing right now is, in my mother’s homeland in Cuba, you have people marching in the streets of Havana waving the American flag. But then you have people here that are essentially saying that the flag isn’t worth standing for, that flag isn’t worth holding your hand over your heart for. And we can’t survive as a nation if we’re having that mentality,” Miyares added.

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