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Vietnamese-American Republican Rejects The Idea That White Nationalism Is A Bigger Threat Than Communism



Back in the 70’s, the United States of America had to gather its troops and send them to the east to aid the South Vietnamese government in quelling a communist revolution that began in 1955 under the leadership of socialist icon Ho Chi Minh.

Unfortunately, America lost the war and the Soviet-backed communists emerged victorious and succeeded in imposing a strict system that would put shackles on its citizens for the next decades to come. The Vietnamese people had a hard time adapting to the oppressive style of governing that has prevented them from pursuing their dreams of personal progress.

A vast majority of the citizens had to endure this system until the end of their lives, while some were more fortunate to escape the grasp of communism and find legitimate freedom in America.

Arizona Rep. Quang Nguyen was one of them and he did live through the horrors of the Vietnam War that pillaged his nation and killed millions, forcing him to evacuate and find a better life in the west.

Recently, Nguyen was insulted when Democratic state Rep. Daniel Hernández tried to challenge the Arizona House chamber, stating that communism is not the biggest threat in America, but white superiority. 

“We keep hearing about the threat of communism, you know what’s a bigger threat? White Nationalism. The insurrection that happened on Jan. 6. Those are bigger threats to our nation. So yes, let’s talk about communism, but let’s also talk about teaching our kids that it’s not ok to try and overthrow a democratically elected government,” Hernandez stated.

Republican state lawmakers in Arizona, passed a law last week that will require public schools in the state to share to students the stories of people who defected from communist-governed countries and their terrifying experiences under it. Hernandez begged to differ and this slighted the Vietnamese-American Republican, who is now serving the country that afforded him his dreams.

“White Nationalism didn’t drown 250 Vietnamese in the South China Sea, the communists did. White Nationalism did not execute 87,000 South Vietnamese at the Fall of Saigon, communists did. White Nationalism did not put me here, communism did. Don’t take it lightly,” Nguyen stated.

“I came from a long line of warriors who fought against communism…and so many of my relatives have been killed by communists. I lived through the entire Vietnam War, from the very beginning to the very end. So for Mr. Hernández to stand up and speak lightly of it – in itself is unacceptable,” Nguyen added.

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