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Vermont Governor To Remove Covid-19 Restrictions As Soon As 80% Of Its Population Gets Vaccinated



Republican governor Phil Scott has announced recently that the remaining covid restrictions will be lifted as soon as 80% of Vermont’s eligible population have received a shot of the vaccine.

The state of Vermont is ranked first in the US in terms of vaccination rate with more than 70% of qualified citizens inoculated. More than 20,000 people still need to be given at least a dose before the government can ease pandemic policies

The Scott administration has made the process of vaccinating people a less complicated one. Vermont citizens age 12 and up can visit to check on schedules and register for an appointment.

“As you know, Vermont continues to be a national and global leader in vaccinations. This is due to the hard work of hundreds of people, including volunteers, staff at AHS, the departments of Health and Public Safety, EMS teams, the National Guard, local partners, businesses and so many others,” Scott said in an official statement.

The governor also lauded the efforts of his constituents in the fight against coronavirus.

“Most importantly, it is because Vermonters have stepped up to do the right thing. As a result, last week we were able to move into Step 3 of the Vermont Forward plan more than two weeks ahead of schedule,” Scott said.

“With every step we have taken during this long and difficult struggle, I have been inspired by Vermonters and their willingness to help one-another, and their communities,” Scott added.

The governor appealed to various sectors of society to contribute to the initiative.

“As you have heard us say, we are bringing the vaccine to the people. Whether it is Church Street, North Beach, pop-ups and walk-in clinics from the NEK to Southern Vermont, job sites, colleges and more. We are working to make it as easy as possible,” he elaborated.

In his inspiring statement, the well-loved governor also asked Vermonters for more patience and cooperation in addressing this pandemic so that life may return back to normal. 

“I understand why some might not have felt the urgency yet, but now is your time to do the right thing. We are counting on you to help us lift restrictions early, including gathering sizes, masks, social distancing, the curfew at bars, and the rest. Now is your time to lead us to the finish line,” he said.

“Let’s keep our momentum going. Let’s finish strong. Let’s continue to show the nation, and the world, what this brave little state is capable of,” he concluded.

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