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Vandal wreaks havoc on Brooklyn Catholic Church



Last weekend, over the course of three days, a statue of the virgin mary carrying a baby Jesus, was deconsecrated by a hatred-filled vandal in Brooklyn. The good-for-nothing criminal trespassed church grounds, then decapitated the statue of the child Jesus. An American flag was also allegedly burned outside St. Athanasius church and the authorities are already doing whatever they can to find the perpetrator of this evil deed. 

On the 14th of May, Monsignor David Cassato, the pastor at St. Athanasius Catholic Church, saw one of the church’s crucifixes damaged.

 “I went over and spoke to the students in the school about what happened, telling them that hate never wins. We are, and must be, a community that continues to share the message of Easter, that which is of love, hope, and forgiveness,” Cassato said in an interview.

A vigil was held and about 400 Brooklyn locals attended to express their support for the diocese and to condemn the horrendous hate crime.

Brooklyn Diocese spokesperson John Quaglione told reporters, “the large turnout for the vigil on such short notice was a testament to the strong faith of the people of the parish of St. Athanasius. If the intent of this vandal was to deter those who believe and worship here, they clearly failed. While deeply saddened and shaken by this hateful act, the people of St. Athanasius will move forward united in proclaiming a message of peace, love and tolerance.”

Community leader Antoinette Maggiore also successfully raised nearly $5,000 for the parish, most of it will be utilized for repairing whatever damages were done by the vandal. 

“As we all know this past year has been a trying time for many. Many of us have leaned on our faith and church leaders to help us through. Yesterday, sadly, our dear neighborhood church, St. Athanasius, was vandalized in a disturbing act of hatred and violence. I know others, like myself, feel a sense of sadness and grief. The cross fell, but as we believe, if we unite in our sorrow, we will only rise stronger through Christ,” Maggiore stated on the GoFundMe campaign page.

Meanwhile the NYPD has released photos of a suspicious man wearing a black face mask with a gray hooded shirt and khaki pants. He was seen in a residential area before the incident, seemingly checking out cars if they were locked or not. The Brooklyn Diocese has also requested the local police force to increase their presence in the area.

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