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Utah Gov. Spencer Cox Is Ready To Offer Help To Afghan Refugees



Utah’s Republican governor Spencer Cox recently sent a letter to president Biden, expressing his willingness to provide assistance to the Afghan refugees trying to escape Taliban rule. Citing his state’s history as a sanctuary for those who were trying to flee religious persecution, the GOP leader understood the pain and hardship caused by this sudden exodus. 

“I’m deeply saddened by the human tragedy currently unfolding in Afghanistan. I recognize Utah plays no direct role in shaping U.S. diplomatic or military policy, but we have a long history of welcoming refugees from around the world and helping them restart their lives in a new country,” Cox stated in his letter.

“We are eager to continue that practice and assist with the resettlement of individuals and families fleeing Afghanistan, especially those who valiantly helped U.S. troops, diplomats, journalists, and other civilians over the past 20 years,” Cox continued.

“As you may already know, Utah’s history guides our approach to refugees. Our state was settled by refugees fleeing religious persecution 170 years ago. Their descendants have a deep understanding of the danger and pain caused by forced migration and an appreciation for the wonderful contributions of refugees in our communities,” Cox added.

Amid efforts of the U.S. government to withdraw all military personnel from Afghanistan, the fundamentalist organization known as the Taliban has emerged from the ashes of defeat and taken over the capital city of Kabul. 

Although the occupation did not spark violence and bloodshed, panic and chaos among the citizens immediately ensued. The Taliban is known for their strict interpretation of the religion of Islam and enforces the laws in a manner that threatens the Afghan people’s freedom and human rights. 

This epic debacle will forever be etched into American history and president Biden is to blame for it. Right now, there seems to be no other way to address the situation in Afghanistan but to hope that the Taliban will be less barbaric in ruling over their domain. The extremist group insist that they will not resort to violence and tyranny, however their stringent, heavy-handed governance is starting to strike fear upon their people.

“I’m sickened and devastated at the scenes coming out of Afghanistan and at the terrible miscalculation by our government. While there isn’t much Utah can do, we can open our homes and hearts to the brave people that stood by our military heroes. God help us. Utah stands ready,” Cox stated in his tweet earlier this week.

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