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‘undertaker: The Last Ride’ Chapter 4 Review: It Feels Like The Race Mark Calaway Is Finally Coming To An End



With each chapter of Undertaker: The Last Ride, fans are learning more and more about Mark Calaway and the character that has mystified wrestling fans for three decades. But as we head into the home stretch of the five-part docuseries, we’re seeing the differences between Calaway and his in-ring persona.

Chapter 4, titled “The Battle Within,” delves into Calaway transition into the next phase of his life and career. Specifically, it focuses on how Calaway is ready to use the brand that he’s cultivated for 30 years to help with opportunities outside of the ring.

Undertaker pins Shane McMahon at Extreme Rules

That said, it’s still wild to hear Calaway say that, and for the first time it really feels like the Undertaker is coming to the end of his career. While the first three chapters of The Last Ride drive home the point that Calaway is stuck in a vicious cycle, this is the first time I felt that Undertaker’s days are numbered—and not necessarily from a physical standpoint. He seems like he’s almost ready to hang it up.

The behind-the-scenes footage after his matches, and interviews with Calaway portray a man who is coming to grips with his inevitable retirement and that it’s closer than fans may be ready for.

Chapter 4 of Undertaker: The Last Ride will be available to stream on-demand beginning at 10am ET this Sunday on WWE Network.



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