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Tyler Turner Skydiving Video Reveals Teen’s Final Words Before Falling to His Death



Video recorded minutes before a California teenager fell to his death after his parachute failed to open reveals his final words including fears about jumping out of the plane and a heartfelt tribute to his “very loving mom.”

Tyler Turner, 18, of Los Banos, died along with skydiving instructor, Yong Kwon, who he was jumping in tandem with in 2016.

The men plummeted 13,000 feet to the ground after the instructor was unable to get their parachutes to open.

This week Turner’s family were awarded a $40 million judgment against the owner of the skydiving school involved.

Following the judgment, the family’s attorney released footage to CBS Sacramento that showed the 18-year-old moments before the parachute jump.

“My name is Tyler Turner,” he introduced himself. “What are you doing here?” asks the camera operator. Turner replies: “I am going to jump out of a plane.”

Asked if he found it a “little bit scary,” the teenager replied: “A little bit scary. I am. When I get up there it’s going to be like oh gosh, adrenaline is going to kick in and I’m just gonna let it happen.”

In a further exchange, Turner said: “That’s my mom over there. Very loving mom. Done a lot for me in my life. Hope she’ll help me with more in my life, cause I want to make it! We’re gonna make it.”

His mother, Francine Turner, was shown in the footage blowing kisses to her son as he answered questions on camera before taking to the air.

Francine Turner said at the time of the incident: “Before he got on the plane, he knelt down and prayed, made his peace with God, and then turned around and gave me a great big, huge hug. He said, ‘I love you, mom,’ and then he got on the plane.”

After the multimillion-dollar penalty was awarded on Monday, Paul Van Der Walde, the attorney representing the Turner’s family, said: “He [the instructor] was still under a probationary period when they did the jump. And he did not have the appropriate emergency training.”

Francine Turner said after the ruling: “He was an amazing person. He had an adventurous spirit and wanted to do so much in this world.”

Bill Dause, who owns the Lodi-based company, Skydivers Guild Incorporated, declined to comment on the judgment when approached by multiple U.S. media outlets.

He turned down an opportunity to talk about the lawsuit with the Associated Press, saying: “We appreciate your call, but no comment.”

A file photo of tandem paragliders. Turner expressed fears about the parachute jump moments before he died.
Joerg Koch/Getty Images



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