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Twitter Mocks Ivanka Trump For Being Rejected By World Leaders In The G-20.



Social media users took to Twitter on Sunday to mock first daughter Ivanka Trump after a viral video showed the senior White House adviser attempting and failing to insert herself into a conversation among world leaders at the Group of 20 (G-20 Summit) in Osaka, Japan over the weekend.

The brief video clip, released by the French government, shows Ivanka being shunned while attempting to join a conversation between British Prime Minister Theresa May, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron and International Monetary Fund leader Christine Lagarde.

During the group’s discussion on “social justice,” May can be heard saying “as soon as you begin talking about the economic aspect of it, though, a lot of people start listening who otherwise wouldn’t listen.” This comment prompts Ivanka to say “yeah.” She then begins interjecting about “defense” as Lagarde, who was standing beside Trump, can be seen rolling her eyes before turning back to the world leaders to continue their discussion.

As President Donald Trump met with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to discuss reviving trade talks, both Ivanka Trump and her husband White House senior adviser Jared Kushner were at the negotiating table.

“Care to explain your presence in this photo featuring world leaders? #nepotismbarbie,” Amy Stern tweeted.

“The only person more unqualified than Ivanka Trump to be at the #G20Summit is her father,” Twitter user @Dean_Winnipeg wrote.

“Why is Ivanka Trump in a discussion with Macron, May, Lagarde, and Trudeau?,” Christopher Bouzy tweeted. “Two years ago she was a ‘fashion designer’ stealing designs from other designers, and selling condos using deceptive tactics. She shouldn’t be representing the United States in any capacity.”

“Ivanka Trump had an awkward moment at the G20 Summit, which for some reason she was attending,” Twitter user @loversmoto added.

“So nice of the G20 to host a bring your stupid daughter to work Day!!,” Twitter user @Sshoshahus wrote.

“What the f*** are you doing at the G20 summit? You have absolutely no qualifications or business being there. Was it ‘take your mistress-daughter to work day?'” Kaj-Erik Eriksen tweeted.

Others ridiculed the president’s daughter for embarrassing herself at the summit.

“I would like to hear Ivanka Trump’s explanation about this video,” Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Cali.) tweeted. “Oh wait, Senior White House Advisor [sic] @IvankaTrump blocked me. Can you forward the below video to her and ask her response? Thanks.”

“Ivanka Trump is such an annoying child. I wish she would go away,” Twitter user @PaladinCornelia wrote.

“I love that Christine Lagarde doesn’t bother to hide her disgust as idiot #Ivanka, the daughter of a serial sexual assaulter and/or rapist, tries to insert herself into a conversation between heads of state, May, Macron, and Trudeau,” Polly Sigh tweeted.

“Christine @Lagarde is all of us when the intruder #IvankaTrump starts speaking G20Summit,” Twitter user @LyndaInnovation added.

“#IvankaTrump just astoundingly embarrassing,” Twitter user @aggrevatedcats wrote.

“Ivanka Trump has that look of someone who, if they were a dog instead of a person, would admittedly be considered a very smart dog. Also has the ‘I did something smart, give treats!’ look down,” Twitter user @BitchGlinda added.

“Ivanka Trump embarrasses herself by trying to join a conversation with world leaders at the G20 summit… and they were not having it,” The Mary Sue tweeted.

“Stick to selling shoes Ivanka. We do not need a privileged twit like you advising us on North Korea or world peace,” Teresa Grier tweeted.

“Lagarde looked at her as tho she expected ivanka to take everyone’s drink order,” Twitter user @Mick10dagnabit wrote.

“Just imagine being Angela Merkel or Christine LaGarde, having worked your whole life on the most complex geopolitical issues of the day, being forced to wince and smile as Ivanka Trump thinks she’s got something to say to you re: same,” Elizabeth McLaughlin tweeted. “I can’t imagine how they stay polite.”

“Reminder: Neither May, nor Merkel, nor Trudeau, nor Macron, nor Lagarde take STUPIDF***INGSELFIES,” Twitter user @aspexit added.

Senior White House Advisor Ivanka Trump speaks during a roundtable discussion with the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on the U.S. strategy for implementing the The Women, Peace, and Security Act,” on Capitol Hill on June 11, 2019 in Washington, DC. U.S.
Getty/Anna Moneymaker



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