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Tucker Carlson Mocking Fox News Colleague Juan Williams on Air Goes Viral



Clips of Tucker Carlson getting into a heated exchange with Juan Williams have been widely shared online after Carlson mocked and openly laughed at his Fox News colleague.

During Monday night’s episode of “The Five,” Carlson and the other hosts were discussing Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s recent backtracking on suggestions that there could be a gas or mileage tax under President Joe Biden’s sweeping infrastructure plan.

Buttigieg suggested last week that plans to tax people more based on how much they use the roads could be introduced, but later confirmed to CNN that this is no longer “part of the conversation” and will not be revealed in Biden’s next big legislative push on Wednesday.

During Monday’s show, Carlson criticized the proposals of “taxing drivers by the mile” before handing over to Williams for his view. William replied that people are already paying tax on gas.

“So pay more, good. Tax the overtaxed. Is that your point?” Carlson asked while laughing.

Just check out the amount of sneering and snickering disdain Tucker shows his colleague Juan Williams during this exchange, complete with his over-the-top laughter.

— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) March 29, 2021

Williams went on to say that the reason that Buttigieg walked back on the suggestion “quite aggressively” is that it was criticized by the trucking industry and people who live in rural areas who have to drive more to get into town.

“They don’t want that fight. That’s not a fight that’s beneficial to the Biden administration as they go forward with this,” Williams said.

“Look, if you’re looking at new bridges, new highways, if you’re looking at better broadband, bigger ports, everybody—the trucking industry, the car industry workers, the Wall Street people—say that GDP is going up, they say this is going to be great for the economy.

“The problem comes from Republicans is that [they say] ‘how we’re paying for it? You want to raise taxes on the rich.'”

Carlson interrupts Williams with a “got it, got it, got it,” before attempting to move on.

A frustrated Williams then told Carlson, “I’m going to tell you something,” to which Carlson replied, “No, you haven’t told me anything, not one thing.”

Carlson then lets out an exaggerated giggle, before yelling out in a high-pitched voice “Not one thing!”

When Williams attempts to continue talking, Carlson appears to mimic Williams in a mocking tone before dismissing him again with “got it.”

Daily Beast editor Justin Baragona was one of those who posted a clip of the dispute between Carlson and Williams on Twitter, where it has since been viewed more than 330,00 times.

“Just check out the amount of sneering and snickering disdain Tucker shows his colleague Juan Williams during this exchange, complete with his over-the-top laughter,” Baragona tweeted.

“Watching this, it shows that Tucker has absolutely no fear of any reprisals for his behavior at Fox and he’s the boss. He can treat any of his co-workers with however much disrespect he deems fit, and nobody can do anything about it.”

Fox News has been contacted for comment.



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