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Trump Targets Chris Wallace Career And Calls Him Out



During an interview with Maria Bartiromo, Fox host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, former President Donald Trump spoke out about his feelings regarding Fox News anchor Chris Wallace.

On Sunday Morning Futures, President Trump spoke about his lawsuit against left-wing Big Tech Social Media giants and the ongoing forensic audit of Arizona’s Maricopa County Election.

Before he got to eviscerating left-wing “news” anchor Chris Wallace, the former president speculated that the Arizona audit is about to reveal “horrendous” results. The audit is being performed by an independent, third-party auditing company. Specialist methods are being utilized to notice patterns in ballots and to spot fake ballots cast in the election, which could prove that Democrats are entirely wrong when they claim the last election was the most secure in history.

Trump took aim at Chris Wallace, the news anchor, who was a friend of Joe Biden last year when he hosted a presidential discussion and has repeatedly dismissed any concerns about election integrity.

“He knows nothing,” Trump said about Wallace.

He joked with Maria Bartiromo that her “friend” Chris Wallace would not allow him to ask a question about money given to the Biden family by the wife of the Mayor of Moscow, dismissing it as “irrelevant.”

He suggested that Hunter Biden (the Russian recipient) could now make up to half a million dollars to purchase paintings for auction, even though he has never painted before.

Because that doesn’t sound too sketchy…

It makes you wonder why Chris Wallace didn’t want to ask the question.

While we are here, it is worth noting that although evidence of election fraud exists in many states, disturbing footage from Georgia recently shows how numerous batches of ballots were scanned with duplicate votes.


Chris Wallace who doesn’t believe this is true…then he’s an activist and not a journalist.

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