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Trump Supporter Claiming to Represent ‘Proud Boys’ Charged Over 18 Voicemails for Dem. Rep



A 68-year-old Philadelphia area man allegedly apologized to investigators for a drinking problem after he was tied to 18 threatening and sexually charged left for a Pennsylvania Democratic congresswoman.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s office, which represents Congresswoman Madeleine Dean’s 4th District, charged Aldan, Pennsylvania, man Stephen Cilurso with harassment in connection with voicemails in which he claimed to represent white nationalist groups. Investigators say Cilurso left the 18 threatening voicemails over the course of five separate days in February. Cilurso allegedly railed against her support of former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment and made sexual remarks toward younger members of her family.

“Oh yes, Ms. Dean we’re just calling to see if we can get a, a very large monetary contribution from you,” Cilurso allegedly said on one of the 18 voicemails. “This is the Proud Boys. Our numbers are growing every, every day. And it’s unbelievable, unbelievable after your speech yesterday and your f***in’ lies. How many new recruits we have. So we’re givin’ you the opportunity Ms. Dean to support us so we can continue our proud heritage.”

Cilurso repeatedly tied himself to the Proud Boys, a far-right men’s group tied to several violent protests, which the Southern Poverty Law Center officially identifies as a “hate group.” Vice Media co-founder and starting member of the Proud Boys, Gavin McIness, has described the group as opposing “anti-white guilt.”

Police say Cilurso blamed a longtime problem of blending politics with alcohol, conceding that “my mouth is my worst enemy.” Cilurso allegedly left the final two vulgar voicemails on February 15 after police had already intervened and warned him not to contact the Democratic congresswoman again. But in response, Cilurso left an additional voicemail in which he flipped the script and demanded Dean let go of their “relationship.”

Dean was one of numerous Democratic lawmakers in Washington who spoke vehemently in favor of Trump’s impeachment, a move which investigators say initially sparked Cilurso’s angry calls to her office. The congresswoman was also one of the members of Congress who were briefly trapped inside the Capitol during the January 6 insurrection which Cilurso allegedly ranted about routinely.

The Philly Voice reported Tuesday that Cilurso confided in detectives at the Montgomery County’s District Attorney’s office this week, saying, “I’ve been an a-hole. I get angry and I get on the phone, my mouth is my worst enemy.”

We must take vulgar, obscene, and violent threatening comments seriously — not just as an elected official but as a member of a community.

I am sorry that my staffers, and particularly the women staffers, had to hear and log these messages.

— Congresswoman Madeleine Dean (@RepDean) April 13, 2021

The congresswoman tweeted a response to the allegations Tuesday afternoon: “We must take vulgar, obscene, and violent threatening comments seriously—not just as an elected official but as a member of a community. I am sorry that my staffers, and particularly the women staffers, had to hear and log these messages,” Dean remarked.

Cilurso is charged with misdemeanor harassment and was released from arraignment on unsecured bail and a court order not to contact Dean or her congressional office. His next hearing in the matter is set for April 22.

The Liberty Buzz reached out to the Montgomery County D.A. office for any additional information Tuesday afternoon.

A man holds up a “Proud Boys” T-shirt, referring to the far-right political organization that promotes and engages in political violence, near the state Capitol on January 18, in Richmond, Virginia. In his voicemails to Congresswoman Madeleine Dean, Stephen Cilurso repeatedly tied himself to the Proud Boys.
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