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Trump Retweets Multitudes Size Photograph Reporter He Called A ‘criminal’ Early Days



President Donald Trump retweeted a video on Wednesday taken by Reuters White House Correspondent Jeff Mason, showing the crowd size at a rally in Nebraska. The president’s retweet comes only days after he called Mason a “criminal.”

Mason’s tweet included a video showing a field packed with people, many of whom were not wearing masks, during Trump’s rally in Omaha on Tuesday night.

New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman spotted Trump’s retweet, and in a subsequent tweet, wrote: “A perfect distillation of the president’s approach – calling a reporter a “criminal” for not reporting the way the president wants, then retweeting a crowd shot from same reporter days later.”

President Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Omaha OMAHA, NE – OCTOBER 27: US President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally on October 27, 2020 in Omaha, Nebraska. With the presidential election one week away, candidates of both parties are attempting to secure their standings in important swing states. Trump retweeted a video showing the rally’s crowd size that was filmed by a Jeff Mason, who the president previously called a “criminal”.
Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images/Getty

The New York Post reported earlier this month that Hunter Biden allegedly wrote a series of controversial emails that appeared to show terms of agreements with Chinese and Ukrainian companies.

The emails were reported found on a laptop given to a New Jersey computer repair store in 2019. The store’s legally blind owner, John Macissac, was unable to identify if the computer was dropped off by Hunter at the time.

With less than a week away from the 2020 Presidential election, Trump has used the laptop as a tool to attack Biden, although some continue to question the validity of the allegations.



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