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Trump Rally ‘coming For Blacks The Flame Pause During The Broadcast Fox News



A Fox News anchor was taken aback and briefly paused Saturday’s broadcast as live footage showed one of President Donald Trump‘s supporters holding a sign at the ‘Million Maga March’ that apparently targeted Blacks and Native Americans.

Fox News’ Eric Shawn interjected during an interview with Axios co-founder Mike Allen as a handwritten poster board sign was held up. “We just saw a very disturbing sign, it said, ‘Coming for Blacks and Indians first, welcome to the New World Order,'” Shawn remarked. Shawn called out the sign as Allen discussed how he believes Republicans can cajole Trump out of the White House before President-elect Joe Biden is set to take office on January 20, 2021. Social media users immediately expressed similar concern over the message of the Washington D.C. demonstrators.

“I’ve talked to Republican Party leaders about this. And I’ve said to them, ‘You’re going to be in office long after President Trump is. The Republican Party is going to outlast all of us. Aren’t you concerned about that?” Axios‘ Allen told Fox News, as live images of the MAGA rally were shown next to him.

“That’s what somebody is going to have to convince the president of—the president isn’t a long-term thinker, they’re going to have to convince him that it’s in his own best interest. That is what he responds to,” Allen continued, as the “disturbing” sign was shown and prompted Shawn to interrupt him briefly.

“I mean, who the hell knows, you know, what people have and what they say on these things,” Shawn added, before quickly turning his attention back to Allen’s remarks about how GOP leaders may have to convince Trump to leave the Oval Office.

“But what do the Republicans tell you? When does the president start to give a different message, while others think he’ll never concede or will never give another type of message,” Shawn continued.

On Saturday, hundreds of Trump supporters gathered in the streets of the nation’s capital to protest this month’s election and the victory of Democratic candidate Biden. Trump in his motorcade drove by the rally and waved at his raucous supporters who agreed with his unsubstantiated allegations that there was widespread voter fraud during the presidential election.

Election officials from both political parties have denounced Trump’s remarks as false since the November 3 contest.

Saturday’s ‘Million MAGA March’ was organized by a coalition of conservative and far right-wing supporters of Trump, including conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec and the Proud Boys.

Newsweek reached out to the White House and Fox News for additional remarks about Saturday’s broadcast.

A Fox News anchor was taken aback and briefly paused Saturday’s broadcast as live footage showed one of President Donald Trump’s supporters holding a sign at the “MAGA Million March” which threatened Blacks and Native Americans.
Screenshot: Fox News | YouTube



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