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Trump endorses GOP candidates, then blasts Biden at Georgia rally



This previous weekend, former president Donald Trump visited Perry, Georgia to hold a proper rally. The event served as a vehicle for Trump to announce the candidates that he will support in the 2022 elections.

Trump was joined at the rally by three candidates that he has chosen to be part of the ticket. The trio of GOP candidates include NFL legend Herschel Walker, Georgia Rep. Jody Hice and Sen. Burt Jones.

During his speech however, Trump blasted Biden’s incompetent leadership and how it is ruining the nation in just a short span of time. The ex-GOP head of state enumerated the current administration’s string of blunders overseas and in our own backyard.

“Inflation is skyrocketing. Unemployment is rising at a level that nobody can believe. Main streets are being boarded up. Murders are through the roof. You look at what’s happening in these Democrat-run cities. Violent gangs or drugged-out vagrants are taking over our big cities, our once great cities. Corruption is rampant. The senior ranks of our military have been politicized. Our leaders are issuing unconstitutional executive mandates and our country is being turned into a migrants camp,” Trump elaborated.

Joe Biden is only entering the fourth quarter of his first year as America’s commander in chief but he has been racking up on negative points faster than the majority of our previous leaders for the past few decades. 

“He’s doing nothing to hold a Chinese Communist Party accountable for unleashing the virus upon the world. Biden did not even say the word China in his UN speech because he’s too compromised to take them on, and he only briefly mentioned Afghanistan because his withdrawal has been such a disaster for him and our country, and by the way, for his poll numbers, which have tanked. In short, after just eight months, Joe Biden is already the biggest failure ever to occupy the Oval Office,” Trump added in his scathing tirade.

As always, Trump delivered a lengthy but tireless speech full of vibrant and energetic eloquence from start to finish. Towards the end of his time on the microphone, the former president left some inspiring words for the supporters in attendance.

“We are descended from the heroes and patriots, the pioneers, the legends who tamed the great wilderness, who settled a vast continent, who worked the fields, laid down the railroads, raised up the skyscrapers and poured out their blood, sweat, and tears to build this country into the greatest nation in the history of the world. We are not going to let it be taken away from us,” Trump reminded.

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