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Trump delivers speech at Iowa rally



Former president Donald Trump returned to Des Moines, Iowa this previous weekend for a campaign-style rally, where he tried to test the waters for a possible presidential run in the near future.

The latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll shows that 53% of Iowans are now in favor of the Republican president, a glaring evidence that absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder. Trump’s Iowa State Fairgrounds rally is his first one since the 2020 election and the support obviously has not waned a bit. 

GOP presidential aspirants such as former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former Vice President Mike Pence and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, has also visited Iowa recently, knowing that the state will be among the strongest supporters in the country. Several Republicans have travelled to the state to attend some party fundraisers, forums and speaking engagements, in an effort to bolster their campaign.

During his speech, Trump slammed the Biden administration’s blunders for turning the United States into the chaotic nation that it is today. He pointed out the growing insecurity and economic turmoil that has engulfed the country since the Democrats took over.

“After just nine months under Biden, violent criminals and blood thirsty gangs are taking over our streets, illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are taking over our borders. Inflation is taking over our economy. China is taking over our jobs. The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan. Lunatic leftists are taking over our schools and radical socialists are taking over our country. And we’re not going to let that happen,” Trump stated.

“As we speak, Joe Biden and the radical left Democrats in Congress are trying to ramp through a $5 trillion world spending bills that cost more than the entire sum the United States has spent two on any war in the history of our country. Not only is this the largest spending bill of all time and the largest tax hike of all time, this monstrosity is so dangerous for our country and so bad for children and grandchildren to come,” Trump continued.

Although Trump has yet to officially announce his candidacy, the Iowans can’t help but be inspired by his presidential manner of addressing the citizenry.

“Our movement is the greatest and most powerful in the history of our country. And it’s based on one thought, make America great again. Yet we are up against some of the most sinister forces and entrenched interests that anyone has ever seen in our country,” Trump said.

“We’ve never encountered anything like this. But no matter how big or powerful they may appear, you must never forget that this nation does not belong to them. This nation belongs to you,” he added.

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