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Trump Blasts GOP Senators for Working With Communist Democrats



Former President Donald Trump continued his attack on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and “RINOs” for working with “Communist Democrats” on an infrastructure deal.

Seventeen Senate GOP members joined Democrats Wednesday in voting to advance a $1 trillion infrastructure plan after an agreement had been reached on major provisions of the plan.

“Under the weak leadership of Mitch McConnell, Senate Republicans continue to lose,” Trump said in a statement Thursday. “He lost Arizona, he lost Georgia, he ignored Election Fraud and he doesn’t fight. Now he’s giving Democrats everything they want and getting nothing in return.

“No deal is better than a bad deal. Fight for America, not of special interests and Radical Democrats. RINOs are ruining America, right alongside Communist Democrats.”

On Wednesday, Trump blasted Senate Republicans — singling out Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah — after news that a bipartisan deal had been reached.

“Hard to believe our Senate Republicans are dealing with the Radical Left Democrats in making a so-called bipartisan bill on ‘infrastructure,’ with our negotiators headed up by SUPER RINO (Republican In Name Only) Mitt Romney,” Trump said in a statement released through his Save America PAC. “This will be a victory for the Biden Administration and Democrats, and will be heavily used in the 2022 election.

“It is a loser for the USA, a terrible deal, and makes the Republicans look weak, foolish, and dumb. It shouldn’t be done. It sets an easy glidepath for Dems to then get beyond what anyone thought was possible in future legislation. It will be a continued destruction of our Country. Our Borders are horrible, crime is at an all time high, taxes and inflation are going way up, the economy is going way down, and now this. Don’t do it Republicans —Patriots will never forget! If this deal happens, lots of primaries will be coming your way!”

On Monday, Trump urged McConnell and Senate Republicans not to work work with Democrats on the infrastructure deal.

“Senate Republicans are being absolutely savaged by Democrats on the so-called ‘bipartisan’ infrastructure bill,” Trump said in a statement. “Mitch McConnell and his small group of RINOs wants nothing more than to get a deal done at any cost to prove that he can work with the Radical Left Democrats. It is so important to him that he is agreeing to almost anything.

“Don’t do the infrastructure deal, wait until after we get proper election results in 2022 or otherwise, and regain a strong negotiating stance. Republicans, don’t let the Radical Left play you for weak fools and losers!”

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