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Trump And Gov Abbott Addresses Border Problems On Hannity’s Town Hall Exclusive



During his visit to the southern border, former president Donald Trump granted Fox News’ Hannity an exclusive town hall-inspired interview, to the delight of the audience in attendance. Trump. Sean Hannity served a variety of questions, including his potential 2024 presidential campaign and some issues that have been plaguing the country under the Biden administration, especially the immigration problems down south.

The interview took place at the South Texas airport, a few miles from the US-Mexico border and also featured Texas governor Greg Abbott who spoke extensively about the situation at the Rio Grande Valley border.

“This fentanyl is deadly and it’s dangerous and it’s going throughout communities across the entire State of Texas, as well as communities in other states of the United States and the Biden administration is doing nothing to slow the spread of deadly fentanyl across our country. And that is exactly why we need the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard on our border,” Abbott said.

“But get this, this is a story I’m going to tell you that was tweeted yesterday by a Border Patrol officer about an arrest they made yesterday. This happened yesterday. Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agents arrested seven criminal immigrants. Four were gang members, two have been convicted of sex crimes, one had been convicted of negligent homicide. There is a 500% increase in criminal migrants apprehended coming across the border. That must be stopped,” Abbott added.

Abbott would then proceed to give credit to the people at the Texas Legislature for working hard to combat this problem. He also mentioned the importance of building the wall before introducing Donald Trump, who was gracious in addressing the governor, Hannity and the supporters who came to hear him express his thoughts.

“Because we’re not only talking about people, millions of people are coming in, but we’re talking about drugs. We’re talking about human trafficking, the human trafficking. And by the way, mostly women, I hate to say, not children, not men, mostly women. The human traffickers, we had them down to a halt and now they’re going at a level that they’ve never even thought imaginable,” Trump said.

“So with that, we’re going over to the border right now. But we’re going to the real part of the border, where there’s real problems, not a part where you look around and you don’t see anybody. And we’re going to admire the wall and how it works because wherever we have the wall, that’s what made the big difference. It made a tremendous difference,” Trump added.

At one point, Hannity asked the president if he was going to run for the highest position in the land again in the next presidential elections and with just a single affirmative answer of “yes,” the elated crowd cheered loudly and applauded with glee. 

This shows how much Trump is still loved by the American people, no matter how much the mainstream media tries to destroy his reputation with their fake news.

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