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The Best Gift Ideas Chromebook 2020



These are the best Chromebooks to give as gifts and the best Chromebook accessories to buy as a gift in 2020. This year kids and adults are spending more time with Chromebooks. If you are looking for an upgrade to give to a kid or grandkid, we have you covered. We also have a listing of our favorite Chromebooks that are great for anyone to use.

From entry-level rugged and ready for school to beautiful and powerful, these are the best Chromebooks to give as gifts in 2020.

The Aukey USB C hub is a great gift for a Chromebook user who needs to connect more devices to a Chromebook.

Most Chromebooks only include one or two USB C ports, but people need to plug in all types of things. Giving a USB C Hub as a gift is like unlocking unlimited possibilities for a Chromebook user. Well, maybe not unlimited, but a lot of connectivity options with this pick.

The Aukey USB C Hub includes an Ethernet port to connect to the internet, an HDMI port, three standard USB ports, one USB C port and a full-size SD card slot. This is small enough to go with them, but also handy at a desk and it supports full speed pass-through charging. That means if they plug their charger into the hub, it will charge the Chromebook without a second cord to plug in.

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