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This GOP Leader Says Joe Biden Doesn’t Have Donald Trump’s Energy



Being a president of the most powerful country in the world is one of the hardest tasks in the world. It requires one to engage in countless roles and there is no stopping, save for a few hours of sleep. Even bedtime is not sacred and will be violated once a national emergency emerges out of nowhere.

This is why in the political arena, especially for the top-most position in the nation, vigor is a most vital element. Making decisions in moments of tiredness can put not only America, but the whole world at a huge risk.

Recently, GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California berated the much lower energy levels that President Joe Biden possessed compared to previous head of state Donald Trump.

In a joint interview on Fox News’ Hannity, McCarthy stated, “But at no time, having known Joe Biden for quite some time, does he have the energy of Donald Trump. We both know it.”

“Donald Trump didn’t need to sleep five hours a night and he would be engaged. If you called Donald Trump, he would get on the phone before staff would,” McCarthy told GOP Whip Steve Scalise and new GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, who were present in the Fox segment.

Fair enough, even with just 4 years of youth advantage over the 78 year old Joe Biden, Donald Trump has way more vitality in handling everyday matters, big or small. Ever since his campaign in 2016, the GOP standard bearer has displayed his tenacity and showed no sign of faltering until the last days of his term. 

In fact, Trump is preparing for a second shot at the oval office and as one would expect, he still has so much to offer. He will be holding his signature rallies these coming months and is also slated to deliver a speech at the North Carolina GOP convention on June 5.

On the other hand, president Joe Biden is already slowing down and will decline some more as he faces the non-stop barrage of pressure that comes with the job. A slew of national and global problems have already presented themselves early in his term. The American public are actually wondering if Biden still got what it takes, mentally and physically, to lead a nation that has its hands full with this pandemic, combined with immigration and foreign policy issues and a struggling economy.  

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