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These Are The Districts Of The Reddest Congress In America.



The clamor of politics and looming elections have many Americans looking at the country in hues of red and blue, so Stacker decided to find the reddest, most solidly Republican congressional districts in the county.

Far and away, most are rural and agricultural, growing the country’s supplies of wheat, corn, and peanuts, grazing herds of cattle, and raising flocks of chickens. Others draw from the sea, building their economies on fishing and commercial seafood production.

Many share an interest in resource exploration, extraction, and production of energy—particularly oil, natural gas, and hydroelectricity.

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#1. Texas’ 13th Congressional District

– Partisan Voter Index: R+33
– 2016 election results: 79.5% Donald Trump, 16.8% Hillary Clinton
– 2012 election results: 80.2% Mitt Romney, 18.5% Barack Obama
– House of Representatives incumbent: Mac Thornberry

The 13th District of Texas sits in its panhandle, with population centers in Amarillo and Wichita Falls. Its population is more than a quarter Hispanic. Largely made up of wheat, corn, and sorghum farms and cattle ranches, it is the second-largest district in the state. Its industries include oil and gas exploration and production, and it has the world’s biggest supply of crude helium. Other landmarks are Route 66, which crosses the Panhandle, Sheppard Air Force Base, and the Pantex Plant nuclear weapons facility.

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