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The Illegal Immigration Saga Continues



The immigration crisis in America is not yet over as illegal aliens have been pouring since the record breaking numbers in April. Families from Central and South America are trying to get in the United States, but the flow of immigrants is not limited to those regions, some are also coming from India and the Middle East.

A director of a shelter in Tucson who is tasked to help illegal aliens who have been released into American soil, was quoted saying: “We never worked with such large numbers with this diversity,” including speakers of Arabic, Haitian Creole, Hindi, and Portuguese.

The New York Times did a report on this issue and made it look as if people were fleeing their countries because of the pandemic. That is a preposterous idea since the Americans are struggling with the virus themselves. Plus, these illegal immigrants don’t deserve entry as much as the hardworking legal migrants who came here to lend their skills and abilities.

There is no denying the truth that the immigration problem that we are experiencing now is a by-product of President Joe Biden’s presence in the White House. Foreigners are under the impression that the Biden administration will not turn them even if they get in illegally and as we have seen for the past couple of months, all these presumptions turned out to be true.

“What we’re hearing back home is that the new president is facilitating entry and there is demand for labor. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity,” said Rodrigo Neto, a Brazilian whose business back home was ravaged by the economic fallout caused by this pandemic.

The border problem in the United States is not an issue of race alone. America embraces any race without prejudice, if their motive to come here is to contribute to society. What worries every American is the fact that past waves of illegal migration to the US has brought in a lot of gangs and criminals into our home turf. A lot of them come here, fail to secure jobs and end up selling drugs or robbing hardworking people. 

One example is the MS-13, a gang which was created in the poor neighborhoods of L.A. back in the 80’s, when Central American refugees fled the civil wars in their respective countries. Today, the MS-13 is one of the biggest gangs in the world, a feat that they have achieved through intimidation, bloodshed and a plethora of criminal activities.

A vast majority of Americans hope that by imposing the same strict policies that Donald Trump once enforced, there is still a good chance that we can turn the illegal immigration tide. Time is running out for the United States of America.

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