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The Chinese Communist Party Is 100 Years Old But American Democracy Will Outlast Them



Recently, the Chinese Communist Party celebrated a hundred years of tyrannical existence that has destroyed their once beautiful eastern culture. What was once a vibrant world that emerged from the days of great emperors, was replaced by a Soviet-inspired brand of communism. One that is devoid of life and soaked in the blood of its own people.

The colossal destruction of their roots to accommodate communism was so great that some of their citizens who wish to preserve the remnants of Chinese culture, took up arms against the prevailing red government. Unfortunately, they were defeated by the communists and they fled to a nearby island that would later be known as Taiwan.

Today, the CCP’s penchant for destroying their own culture continues in the name of a failed revolution that was promulgated by their idol Mao Zedong, then passed on to low-key oppressor Deng Xiaoping and now the ambitious Xi Jinping. The Chinese people continue to be repressed by the state, just in a more subtle way compared to the Uyghur minorities who have been imprisoned, raped and tortured to prevent them from enjoying their lives as free human beings.

While China has improved a lot economically compared to the widespread famine that they experienced back in Mao’s days, the subjugation of their citizens for practicing their beliefs and principles goes on. The godless CCP claims to propagate the impossible utopian idea of equality, but they also happen to be the richest political party in the world. These self-branded communists are nothing but hypocrites, hungry for power and thirsty for blood.

Xi Jinping and his cohorts in Beijing are not content with what they have, they want to extend their reach to the whole world. They would have succeeded, if not for their incompetence and callous treatment of their own allies. They have plunged countries like Sri Lanka, Angola, Ethiopia and Zambia into debt and the generations to come will be the ones to pay for it. They have abused countless poor Filipino fishermen in the Pacific, even as Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte continues to lick Xi’s boots.

China’s communist leaders want worldwide domination even if they don’t have the capacity to do so, however, they are not to be underestimated for they have the backing of their old allies in Moscow. They also have the madman Kim Jong-un of North Korea on their team. Kim may not be as powerful as most leaders in the world, but his volatility, insanity, brutality and possession of nuclear weapons, is something to be wary of.

The Chinese Communist Party is 100 years old, but they will not be around forever. American democracy will defeat and outlast this gradually weakening red tyranny.

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