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The Al-Qaeda Is Back In Afghanistan



The two-decade war in Afghanistan that killed hundreds of thousands of fighters and innocent civilians shouldn’t have happened if the fundamentalist Taliban didn’t coddle mass murderer Osama bin Laden of the terror group al-Qaeda.

Bin Laden was responsible for the September 11 attacks, an event in modern history that changed the lives of Americans forever. We had to invade Afghanistan when the Taliban chose to protect the Saudi extremist hiding in their midst, and for this act, blood flowed for twenty years in the conflict-ridden region.

We defeated them and we succeeded in finding and killing Osama bin Laden, ending a seemingly eternal manhunt. The world thought that we have rid society of these brutal barbarians, but in reality, the al-Qaeda is just hiding around Afghanistan, waiting for their opportunity to return to the fold.

As the United States finally withdraws its troops from the war-torn country, the Taliban is back in power, and so do their allies. The friendship between al-Qaeda and the Taliban is a deep one as the two entities have provided each other support in the battlefield for a very long time and we expect them to share power and resources in every way possible.

“When it comes to breaking this relationship, it’s really really difficult for the Taliban and also for Al Qaeda. It is also difficult for other countries and the international community to force the Taliban to cut this relationship between the two groups,” Obaid Ali, an Afghan political analyst at Afghanistan Analysts Network, told TRT World. 

Abdul Sayed, a Sweden-based security specialist on radical militant groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan explained why the Taliban will tolerate al-Qaeda’s presence in the country.

“The Taliban leadership always responded that they have no obligation per its political settlement with the US that it will not allow AQ (al-Qaeda) or any other group or individuals in Afghanistan,” says Sayed

“The Taliban only guarantees that AQ will not use the Afghan soil again against the US and its allies. AQ is in full understanding with the Taliban, so [there is] no chance of the Taliban going against the AQ,” Sayed added. 

Recently, a supposed video of bin Laden’s security coordinator Amin-ul-Haq, showing him disembarking in Afghanistan, made the rounds on the internet. Haq has been hiding for a decade and surfaced only earlier this week, as soons as the United States has completed its withdrawal.

“Dr. Amin-ul-Haq, a major al-Qaeda player in Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden security in charge in Tora Bora, returns to his native Nangarhar province after it fell to the Taliban. Dr. Amin became close to OBL in the 80s when he worked with Abdullah Azzam in Maktaba Akhidmat,” Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwary wrote in his tweet.

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