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Texas Man Threatened To Cut Wife’s Head off for Being ‘Possessed With Demons’: Police



A man in Texas has been arrested for allegedly threatening to cut off his wife’s head because he thought she was possessed.

Michael Ramos has been charged with terroristic threat of family and evading arrest after a Wichita Falls Police officer responded to an incident at a house on Friday, April 2, around 11:30 p.m.

Police were called to reports of a potential family violence situation having also attended the same address earlier that day, local newspaper the Times Record News reports.

A neighbor reported to police that Ramos was making threats of killing his wife.

The suspect’s wife told officers that she had set up a 24-hour live stream of her bedroom over fears that her husband would harm her.

She said had Ramos entered her room and yelled that she was “possessed with demons” and threatened: “I’m going to cut your f*****g head off.”

The woman, who has been married to Ramos for 12 years, is said to have filed for divorce earlier that day because of his erratic behavior.

After being found by officers in the back yard of the property, she told them about the decapitation threat and that Ramos had also threatened to burn the house down to get the demons out of her, KFDX/KJTL reported.

The victim also showed the officer a phone that had a live video chat with another person. The witness said she was watching the livestream when Ramos came in and threatened to cut his wife’s head off.

The officer located Ramos on the front porch of the house. When asked if he had threatened his wife, Ramos first said he could not remember, before eventually saying yes and putting his hands behind his back voluntarily in order to be taken into custody.

When the officer arrived at the jail to book Ramos, the parking area was so busy that he was forced to park across the street and transport Ramos over.

Ramos is then alleged to have attempted to flee while being taken across the street, but only managed to run around 25 yards before stumbling and falling to the ground.

His bond was set at $7,000 by a judge after being charged.

Wichita Falls Police has been contacted for further comment.

Michael Ramos has been charged for reportedly threatening to cut off his wife’s head.
Wichita County Jail



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