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Texas Is The New Anti-Biden Bulwark



Texas, the second biggest state with the second biggest population in the U.S. is turning into a bastion for Republicans opposing the Biden administration. Just as California was a domain for the Democrats, Texas is now consolidating its support for its GOP allies in government.

This previous month, the state has defied immigration, abortion and gun laws, voting restrictions and unemployment benefits, all programs under the liberal Democrat Joe Biden. But this is not a new thing in The Lonestar State, since it sued the Obama administration, a whopping 48 times throughout his two terms in the White House.

Just hours after Biden’s inauguration back in January, Texas state’s attorney general Ken Paxton posted this congratulatory message on twitter, which was laced with a subtle threat that he will be suing the new president on a regular basis.

“Congrats, President Biden. On Inauguration Day, I wish our country the best. I promise my fellow Texans and Americans that I will fight against the many unconstitutional and illegal actions that the new administration will take, challenge the federal overreach that infringes on Texans’ rights, and serve as a major check against the administration’s lawlessness. Texas First! Law & Order always!” Paxton stated.

Staying true to his promise, Texas became the first state to take a legal action against president Biden by attacking his immigration policies first. But that was just a preview of things to come as the attorney general served up some more lawsuits, covering a multitude of crimes.

In the month of May alone, Paxton has unleashed a slew of cases against Biden, among them the COVID-19 relief tax mandate

“This is yet another attempt by the federal government to unlawfully exert control over how sovereign states operate. While hiding behind a deceptively friendly name, the Act effectively removes Texas’s ability to lower taxes while granting Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen power to take back federal aid funds if they disagree with state tax policies,” Paxton said in a press release.

He also hit the reversal of a Trump-era funding agreement which will provide billions of dollars worth of healthcare for uninsured Texans. Paxton’s biggest lawsuit would be a multi-state initiative that slammed the Keystone XL cancellation and other oil and gas drilling restrictions imposed by the administration. 

“This would be a disaster for our state, and yet President Biden seems intent on thrusting his bloated model of government on everyone — including Texas. This disgusting and unlawful abuse of power aimed at sovereign states must end,” Paxton said in an interview last month.

Next month, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will be holding a pro-Trump event aptly-titled “America UnCanceled,” in Dallas, Texas.

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