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Texas Cop Repeatedly Punches Teen in the Face in Shocking Video



A Texas police officer is under investigation and bound to desk duty after a video of him punching a teenager and cursing at him outside a convenience store emerged online.

The local station ABC13 obtained a video that showed an officer with “sheriff” stamped on his vest punching a high school student who was fuelling up his ATV after riding around the neighborhood with friends.

A copy of the video shows the deputy sheriff walking up to Carlos, the teenager, after leaving a gas station with a drink in hand.

When he reaches the teenager, he asks to see his ID and then tells him to turn around. But when Carlos leans away, the officer grabs him and says he will beat his “f****** a**” if he tries to run away.

Stock photo. A Texas deputy sheriff is under investigation after he was filmed punching a teenager.
Getty Images

“He just looked at my ID for like two seconds and said to put my hands behind my back,” the teen told the local network ABC13. “That’s when I panicked a little and pulled away from him and he grabbed me.”

In the video, the teenager can be seen putting his hands behind his back before the deputy sheriff tries to grab him again, causing him to flinch. After the young man flinches, the police officer is seen punching him on the side of the head and taking him to ground.

He then punched the teenager repeatedly as he curled up on the ground. “You turn around and put your hands behind your back,” the officer says. “All I was going to do was talk to you, but no [expletive].”

Earlier in the video, he said: “Don’t you run boy, I’ll beat you f****** ass right here. Turn around and put your hands behind your back before I beat the s*** out of you. Don’t be so f****** stupid.”

According to ABC13, the Harris County police charged the teenager with evading arrest. The teenager said he was held for a few hours before being released to his parents.

Releasing a statement on social media, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said: “We are aware of an incident in which one of our deputies used physical force and unprofessional language against a suspect at a convenience store on Friday.

“The incident is under internal investigation and the deputy is being placed on administrative duty.”

The deputy sheriff placed on desk duty and pictured in the video has not been identified. The Liberty Buzz has contacted the Harris County police department for further comment.



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