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Ted Cruz Says ‘Americans Will Die’ From Biden-Approved Aid to Palestinians



Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz said that President Joe Biden’s recent announcement that Palestine will receive $250 million in U.S. funding will lead to Americans and Israelis getting killed.

Cruz told the Breitbart News Sunday radio show that he believes no taxpayer money should go to the Palestinian Authority, which he believes directly fund anti-Israel and anti-American terrorists. Cruz joined several Republican lawmakers in claiming that Biden is on track to become “the most anti-Israel president ever” behind only former President Barack Obama. Cruz last week described the aid as direct assistance for “terrorism” and said all Americans should find this “deeply troubling.”

“Joe Biden decided that funding terrorists who kill Americans apparently is a good idea,” Cruz told Breitbart on Sunday.

U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken announced Wednesday how the State Department funds are set to help Palestine, noting that $75 million is for “economic development assistance in the West Bank and Gaza.” And Blinken said $10 million will go toward “peacebuilding” with Israel in partnership with the United Nations.

But Cruz continued to double down Sunday on his belief that the money will instead be used by Palestinian Authority officials to fund terrorism.

“In 2019, the Palestinian Authority expressed its intention to spend $342.6 million on rewards for terrorists and their families. We’re not talking about a few dollars here and there….And now, with Joe Biden’s decision, a significant chunk of that $342 million is going to have come from you and me,” the Texas Republican senator said Sunday.

“We’re sending American taxpayer funds to [the Palestinian Authority] so they can fund terrorists,” he continued, “and as a result of Joe Biden’s decision, Americans will die. Israelis will die. This money that Joe Biden is sending to terrorists will be used to commit more acts of terrorism, to incentivize terrorists, to murder women, to murder children,” Cruz continued.

By contrast, the U.S. provides Israel with $3.8 billion each year in foreign military assistance in addition to about $8 billion in loan guarantees. Cruz did not address this discrepancy, one that is often overlooked by Republicans and conservatives who unabashedly support Israel alone. Cruz instead said Biden and Obama are part of a wider Democratic plan to undermine the American partner that is Israel.

“We’re just a few months in but [the Biden administration is] already demonstrating the same pattern we saw during eight years of the Obama administration, which is that they support our enemies, they fund our enemies, they fund people trying to kill Americans, and they undermine our friends. They undermine our allies,” Cruz added.

The Liberty Buzz reached out to Israel’s diplomatic offices in Washington and New York for additional remarks Monday afternoon.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) challenged the Biden administration’s plans to resume federal assistance to Palestine. In the photo, Cruz speaks before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on March 23, 2021, in Washington, D.C.
Greg Nash/Pool/Getty Images



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