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Tax Preparer Pulls Gun on Customer Who Complained About Filings, Police Say



A tax accountant in Houston faces an assault charge for allegedly pulling a gun on one customer and attacking another after they complained about their tax returns.

The gun incident was caught on camera by Marquita Boyle, on 25 March at Houston’s Mz Biz Tax, a tax preparation organization. Boyle was worried her appointment with Latunya Wright, the tax preparer, could turn aggressive. Boyle alleges that Wright, 46, was arguing with some customers upset about their refund, before pulling a gun on them.

Wright was booked into Harris County Jail later that day and charged with aggravated assault. ABC News reported that Wright met her $40,000 bond on Saturday.

Police arrested Wright at the business, which she owns, while she was arguing and attacking another customer.

Boyle recounted the confrontation to Fox19 Now.

“She had the gun pointed at him, and then, she turned around with the gun and she actually cocked the gun,” Boyle said.

“You actually cocked the gun at people that paid for your company’s services and wanted to know what was going on,” she added.

Boyle said she is being audited by the IRS after consulting Wright’s office to file her taxes. She visited the office last Thursday to clear up some discrepancies.

When Wright saw she was filming, Boyle says the woman took her phone, hit her on the head and deleted the video. But Boyle was able to retrieve the footage for police.

“My vision is blurry in my left eye. It’s still blurry. I have the headaches. My anxiety is through the roof,” she said.

It’s not the first time Wright, a Missouri native, has had a run-in with the law. She was sentenced in 2012 to more than four years in federal prison for her part in a multi-million-dollar robbery at an ATM servicing company.

The Liberty Buzz has contacted Mz Bis Tax Services, Houston Police and Boyle for comment.

Over 3,353 gun-related deaths occur in Texas each year, according to Texas Gun Sense, a gun-reform advocacy group.

In October, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner pledged $4.1 million on police overtime to try and curb the city’s rising crime. The city is redirecting police funds to homicide detectives and police presence is being ramped up in areas labeled as “hot spots” based on data, Turner said on February 8.

On 10 March, multiple shootings in Houston left five people dead and two more in hospital.

Cities across America have seen more homicides, shootings and other crimes during the pandemic, as job losses, feelings of isolation and illness or death of loved ones increased anxiety levels.

A police photo of Latunya Wright, a tax preparer. The tax worker in Houston faces several charges for allegedly pulling a gun on a complaining customer and attacking another after they complained about their tax returns.
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