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Sting Signs An Agreement Of Several Years With All Elite Struggles, But Do Not Expect It To Be Too Physical



Sting, the legendary wrestler, appeared on All Elite Wrestling Dynamite Wednesday in a return that has shocked the industry.

After retiring from the WWE in 2016, the “Stinger” returned to the squared circle during AEW’s special “Winter is Coming” episode of Dynamite following the end of the Darby Allin/Cody Rhodes and Rickie Starks/Will Hobbs tag team match.

During a post-match beatdown, Daily’s Place went dark before an eerie video package played. It wasn’t clear who or what this package was announcing, but once the word “Sting” appeared, the arena erupted.

Darby Allin (left) and Sting have a stare down on ‘AEW Dynamite’
All Elite Wrestling

The seeds for Sting’s appearance on AEW started in late October when WWE pulled the wrestler’s merchandise from its online store. Reports at the time confirmed that Sting’s “Legends” contract with the WWE had expired several months prior. Typically, WWE is allowed to sell merchandise of Legends up to six months after their contract expires.

This move confirmed that Sting was no longer affiliated with the WWE in an official capacity. As has been the case since AEW launched in 2019, speculation and rumors of Sting jumping to the upstart promotion began as news of his contract expired made the rounds.

Sting is set to return to AEW Dynamite next week in a talking segment. Fans will learn more about why Sting is in All Elite Wrestling and what story he will become a part of then.

What did you think of Sting’s appearance on AEW? Who do you want to see the wrestler interact with? Let us know in the comments section.



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