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The Increased Stimulus To The Payment Of Unemployment Is Overcoming, But Most Americans Want An Extension: Survey



With unemployment benefits outlined by the CARES Act due to expire in December, polling indicates widespread support for them to be extended.

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance programs outlined in that stimulus package, signed off nearly eight months ago, are due to end December 26, with no further relief in sight.

An estimate from The Century Foundation suggests that some 12 million people could be impacted by the end of these support measures.

“This cutoff threatens to pull the rug out from under an economy that has already seen millions of workers lose their state unemployment benefits this fall,” a report from the foundation states.

An ongoing stalemate has hampered the progress of a further package through Congress despite support for such action on both sides of the aisle, with disagreements on the specifics stalling an agreement being reached capable of passing the House and Senate.

With the prospect of these unemployment support measures coming to an end, polling from YouGov indicates most Americans want to see it continue.




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