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Steve Scalise And Michelle Steel Slam The Democrats For Inflicting More Harm To The Economy



This COVID-19 pandemic may have been the worst economic crisis that our country has faced in recent decades. All sorts of businesses from various sectors suffered from the harsh reality of dealing with a catastrophe that affected billions of lives worldwide.

While the uncommon level of economic recession that we are experiencing is understandable, the ineffective methods of our current government in coping with this setback is unacceptable and will only contribute further to our downfall.

Republican congress members Steve Scalise and Michelle Steel recently published a joint article on Fox News to address the issues surrounding our battered economy. 

Scalise is the GOP’s minority whip and representative for Louisiana’s 1st congressional district, while Steel serves under California’s 48th congressional district. Scalise has worked with the Committee on Energy and Commerce and Steel on the California State Board of Equalization. 

The two GOP leaders slammed the Biden administration and his progressive comrades for their detrimental ideas.

“Seemingly limitless spending by President Biden and far-left liberals in Congress has caused inflation to soar leaving ordinary citizens stuck with the bill,” Scalise and Steel wrote.

“Last month, the cost of living in the United States jumped by the biggest amount since 2008, when we faced a nearly two-year recession following a devastating market crash. On average, consumers are paying more across the board, from eggs at the supermarket to electricity on their monthly energy bill,” they stated.

“Despite the overwhelming evidence that prices are rising faster than paychecks, Democrats are charging ahead with their reckless $3.5 trillion tax-and-spending plan that will disproportionately hurt families with lower incomes. If we want to get people back to work and create more jobs for hard-working Americans, we must return to solutions that safeguard taxpayer dollars and help businesses thrive,” they added.

Unemployment is at a record high today and our government has printed tons of fiat money so they could provide aid to jobless people. We know that that kind of strategy can lead to inflation, a punishing disease with symptoms commonly seen in skyrocketing prices of basic commodities.

“This is the new reality of Joe Biden’s America. As we work to rebuild our economy from the COVID-19 pandemic, this wasteful spending will only set us back and hurt future generations of hard-working Americans,” Scalise and Steel stated.

“We must end the policies that are contributing to labor shortages and inflation, and fight for America’s recovery. We need to get Americans back to work, get kids back to school, and help businesses nationwide reopen and recover,” they added.

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