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St Louis Has A Record-setting Murder Rate But This Woke Mayor Still Wants To Defund The Police



Despite the stringent lockdowns of 2020 that had imprisoned people from all walks of life, St. Louis matched its highest record of murders back in 1970, when the city had a way smaller population. The authorities must’ve thought that forcing people to stay at home will make the streets a lot safer. Instead, the largest city in Missouri set the murder rate at a 50-year high, which some attribute to the stressful covid-19 pandemic.

St. Louis has always had a bad reputation due to the overwhelming presence of violence and crime. For many decades, the city has been consistently ranked among the most dangerous cities in America. Surprisingly though, Tishaura Jones, the city’s first black female mayor, thinks that defunding the police and reducing the number of jails is the solution.

Believing that “more police doesn’t prevent crime,” the woke mayor seems intent on pushing for her progressive version of policing reforms. At a time when the police are our only safeguard against the proliferation of violent criminals. 

“Funding a comprehensive approach to violent crime is the best approach to reducing murders. This requires both police and partnering agencies adequately funded to support victims and hold offenders accountable. It also requires target arrest and prosecutions to get murderers and shooters off the streets and not filling jails with nonviolent offenders,” Interim City of St. Louis Director of Public Safety Daniel Isom elaborated.

In an interview with The Telegraph, mayor Jones said “we still have two separate police unions – one for Black police officers and one for White officers. If they can’t trust each other, then how can they expect the public to trust them?”

While the mayor’s idea of focusing on social programs is a good one, the very high number of rape, killings and destruction in St. Louis requires a lot of muscles and guns to restore order. The proposed budget for 2021 has slashed $4 million from the police department’s funds, which some law enforcers find alarming.

Meanwhile, Missouri GOP leaders are trying their best to curb efforts to “defund the police” by pushing for a law that will penalize cities that will cut budgets for the police force. The bill will also require the police department to issue an advance notice to cops who will be investigated for misconduct.

State Rep. Doug Richey (R-Excelsior Springs) told reporters “we’re looking out for an element of our society, law enforcement, that keeps our society healthy, that keeps our society safe, that preserves our freedoms.”

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