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Somali-born Activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali Slams Critical Race Theory



Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born Dutch American activist, writer, and former politician, recently expressed her concerns over the critical race theory curriculum that is teaching hate and divisiveness to children all over the United States.

“It divides us into people of different races and it says that these racial differences are irreconcilable and then divisions along gender, along transgender, along immigrants,” Ali stated in an interview with Fox News

“It sees no reconciliation, no coming together unless the people that they describe as eternal victims, black people, people of color, women, transgender people, unless they unite to destroy and dismantle our existing institutions. It’s a very nihilistic, zero-sum game. It’s the worst philosophy I’ve ever come across,” Ali continued.

Born in a pious Somali Muslim family, Ali is no stranger to various kinds of oppression. As a young girl, she went through forced female genital cutting, a backward tradition that is often criticized by women’s rights activists all over the world. Ali’s father is Hirsi Magan Isse, a political dissident who was either in jail or self-exile for most of his adult life. 

In the 90’s, Ali seeked political asylum in the Netherlands and pursued political science at the State University of Leiden. In 2000, she graduated with a master’s degree and worked with centre-left Labour Party (Partij van de Arbeid; PvdA) as a researcher on immigration issues.

For someone who is actively fighting against her religion’s Sharia law for being repressive and incompatible with the western idea of democracy, anything that bears resemblance to the radical austerity that she experienced in her youth, is very alarming.

“What CRT tells schoolchildren and teachers, education, is that small children can only relate to one another based on their color and their gender and all of these other identity details that they have. So you have one set of children who will hate the other. Black children and children of color will hate White children because they’ll associate them with oppression, and they’ll see them as their oppressors,” Ali stated.

“White children, on the other hand, will hate America because they will feel that it’s the legacy of America that has saddled them, burdened them with this terrible history. Both sets of children will look at America and America’s legacies and institutions and all that they have either with contempt or with hatred and anger or a combination of all,” Ali added.

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