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Slain Colorado Police Officer Remembered By His Community



Last month, officer Gordon Beesley, a well-loved 19-year veteran of the Arvada Police Department, was shot to death in an ambush by a suspect, who according to police Chief Link Strate, was “someone who expressed hatred of police officers.”

Beesley was well-known in the community for being understanding to students and the youth. He also worked at Oberon Middle School and did his best to help students who got prosecuted by the law for their wrongdoings.

“The kids gravitated toward him. They looked at him as someone I can go to,” David Ruppert, the school’s counselor said in an interview.

A procession of about a hundred supporters, including police cars and motorcycles, flocked to pay their respects to the fallen law enforcer while his body was brought to the coroner’s office. Some of the people who attended held American flags and pro-police banners.

“He’s just one of those amazing humans. You literally could not make him angry. Every time you saw him, your day just got greater. The thing I love about Gordon the most — he was 6’2”, 6’3” – he referred to me as “Little Davey.’”And he was the only one I couldn’t get mad at for it,” reminisced Dave Snelling, Beesley’s colleague at the APD.

“You’ll have cops that grow their image around the badge. I think the badge grew an image around Gordon. And Gordon humanized the badge. He had just as many friends outside the business as he did inside, but (being a police officer) wasn’t his identity when the uniform came off. He just liked the work. Really, whenever he put that uniform on, you can’t help but see that there was a man behind that badge, not just a cop. That made him a fantastic cop,” Snelling added.

Aside from being a police officer, Beesley will also be remembered as a talented drummer who holds a profound fervor for music.

“He’s multi-dimensional and he had lots of interest outside of school. When he was at school, he was super professional, super focused. He was there to do a job but had some deep passions. From our conversations, it was abundantly clear that his biggest priorities were his wife and two kids. He was, in my mind, first and foremost a family man,” stated Railbenders lead singer Jim Dalton, a band mate of Beesley.

Almost three weeks after officer Beesley was slain, the respects just won’t stop pouring in for the kind-hearted policeman. In fact, 9-year old Scarlet Reust and 10-year old Addyson Elliot, both from Commerce City Colorado, set up a lemonade stand to help raise funds for the Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation. The collected money will go directly to the family that Beesley left behind.

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