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Slain Chicago Police Officer Ella French Remembered By Her Family And Community



This previous weekend, 29-year-old Chicago police officer Ella French was killed in a gunfire exchange during a traffic stop. The fallen young law enforcer was a member of the department’s Community Safety Team and was also a former corrections officer for the Cook County Sheriff’s office.

“We will #NeverForget the true bravery she exemplified as she laid her life down to protect others. Please hold her family, loved ones and fellow Chicago Police officers in your thoughts as we grieve the loss of this hero,” the Chicago Police expressed their gratitude through their official twitter page.

“I’m asking Chicago to wrap their arms around our police officers today and encourage them to continue their great work in protecting us all,” Superintendent David Brown said in an interview.

French was the first female law enforcer to be killed while on duty since 1988, and it is very unfortunate that the force just lost a brave, kind-hearted soul who was dedicated in her pursuit to help the community. Chicago Police Department First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter commended French and said in an interview that she was “very young on the job, but incredibly enthusiastic to do the work.”

The Chicago community mourned for the loss of a beautiful human being who has committed her life to serving and protecting the American public. Her family, fellow police officers, the local church and people whose lives were once touched by French, paid their respects for the courageous young woman.

“She’s always done the right thing even when nobody’s looking. She’s always believed in people and believed in doing the right thing. She’s always believed in taking care of people that can’t take care of themselves,” Ella’s brother Andrew French told the Chicago Tribune.

“In 2019, I was actually stabbed on the job and she was one of the first people to call me to make sure I was OK. So, that was in May 2019. Fast forward now, just seeing this happened to her and I can’t pick up the phone to call to make sure she is OK, that’s one of the most hurtful feelings in the world,” officer Kenneth Griffin told NBC 5 in a phone interview.

Two men, Emonte Morgan, 21 and Eric Morgan, 22, were nabbed and charged for the shooting that killed French and inflicted severe injury on her partner. 

“This is the first step toward justice as we work to honor our fallen officer and her partner,” CPD Supt. David Brown told reporters.

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