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Russian military base a threat to the Arctic Council



What was once the Soviet’s northernmost airbase, the very remote Nagurskoye is now a bustling environment for Russia’s expanding military power. The Reds have strengthened their offensive capabilities by tenfold since the Cold War and this facility is a manifestation of how much they have stepped up in recent years.

The desolate military base is home to the toughest polar bears in Russia, but today the base can accommodate all types of aircraft, even the ones that can be used for nuclear warfare. Russian President Vladimir Putin is obviously flexing some muscles in the Arctic where there is fierce global contention for natural resources in the region (Putin estimates mineral wealth amounting to $30 trillion).

Countries like the United States, Canada, Norway and Denmark have been competing in the Arctic for its vast resources for quite some time now. The process of moving around the region was made easier by the melting polar ice, due to global warming. As expected, Russia’s communist comrade China is also interested in joining the fray, especially when experts claim that the region may be holding about a quarter of the planet’s unexplored gas and oil reserves.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently flew to Iceland to convene with foreign ministers of fellow members of the Arctic Council. 

In an interview, Blinken said, “we have concerns about some of the recent military activities in the Arctic. That increases the dangers of accidents and miscalculations and undermines the shared goal of a peaceful and sustainable future for the region. So we have to be vigilant about that.”

Even NATO is taking much caution after they got word about Russia’s move to spice up military presence in the peaceful region. Fearing that a conflict could spark if necessary measures were ignored, NATO did what they had to do to prevent any belligerent acts from the Reds.

“Increased Russian presence, more Russian bases in the High North, has also triggered the need for more NATO presence, and we have increased our presence there with more naval capabilities, presence in the air, and not least, the importance of protecting transatlantic undersea cables transmitting a lot of data,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters.

The United States government is planning a meet between President Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin this year. Biden should bring this matter up to Putin and avoid showing signs of weakness because that is the last thing that America needs right now. 

Russia clearly wants to exploit the resources of the region and a strong military presence in the Arctic could give them a chance to bully everyone, except their comrades China and North Korea of course.

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