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Russia backs China on Taiwan issue



Communist China’s recent military incursion into Taiwanese territory has raised the alarm all over the world. For several months now, the bully CCP has been harassing Taiwan by sending their fighter jets, but this latest act of aggression has reached unparalleled levels in modern human history. Beijing’s operations in the region should not be tolerated, much less, downplayed, as it could spark a large-scale clash between the United States and China.

A recent commentary on the People’s Liberation Army Daily warned that “If the ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces dared to split Taiwan from China in any name and by any means, the People’s Army will resolutely crush it at all costs.” 

The stakes are high even without both sides utilizing their nuclear capabilities and no nation would want such a civilization-ending type of warfare that could push us back to our barbaric origins. A US-China conflict will draw in several players to aid both parties, escalating into a widespread, prolonged war. Countries such as Great Britain and Japan will be on our side, while North Korea and Russia will pledge allegiance to Xi Jinping and his bloodthirsty generals.

In fact, Russia has made it clear to the world that they will back China and its claim over Taiwan. Earlier this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Moscow will continue to support Beijing’s efforts in subjugating Taiwan by putting it under communist rule.

“Russia, like the overwhelming majority of other countries, considers Taiwan to be part of the People’s Republic of China. We have proceeded and will proceed from this premise in our foreign policy,” Lavrov stated. 

In a recent opinion piece by Andrey Kortunov, the director-general of the Russian International Affairs Council rejects the notion that the fiction with Taiwan will spread like wildfire. Aside from the fact that such a level of strife could only harm the economies of the nations involved, Kortunov also does not believe that America will come to Taiwan’s rescue.

“However, one can also imagine that in Russia they simply do not believe that if things go really bad for Taiwan island, the US would dare to come to its rescue and that in the end of the day Taipei would have to yield to Beijing without a single shot fired,” Kortunov said.

“Therefore, the risks of a large-scale military conflict in the East Pacific are perceived as relatively low, no matter what apocalyptic scenarios various military experts might come up with,” Kortunov added.

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