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Roger Marshall Slams Dems Over Worsening Unemployment



Republican senator and former congressman Roger Marshall, M.D. is no stranger to human hardship. Before he became a politician, he served his fellow Americans as an obstetrician, exposing him to the plight of the people seeking refuge in the healthcare system. Marshall was also an Army reserve captain back in the day, which explains his inherent patriotism and disdain for the far-left views permeating the Democrat Party today.

As a leader who has represented a rural district and supported farm subsidies, it has become easier for Marshall to empathize with the workforce. After all, our hardworking laborers are the real backbone of the strong American economy.

“In a midsized warehouse along the Kansas-Missouri border, a hard reality hit home. There, workers, exhausted after working 10- to 12-hour shifts six days a week, said to me “We need help. Why are you paying people so much to stay at home? It’s not fair, it’s not what this country is about,”” Marshall recounted in his Fox News opinion piece.

“This message was as profound as it was saddening. As someone who has long railed against the burden of government taxes and regulation, it was these workers who exposed the danger of federal spending,” Marshall continued.

“With the government giving people the same money they used to get from a job, people don’t have to work to get things they used to get. Not only do the rest have to work harder, but their hard-earned money no longer works as hard for them,” Marshall added.

The unemployment in America today has gone up to severe levels and that can be attributed mainly to the government’s irresponsible giving out of financial aid to the jobless. A vast majority of citizens nowadays prefer to stay at home and receive their allowances that go back to the jobs that are awaiting them.

“Nationally, some 60% of all workers could earn more in unemployment and extra cash bonuses than from a job. While Democrats continually deny the role of overspending, workers know exactly what happened,” Marshall stated.

Vaccines have been rolled out and businesses are already opening but the shortage in manpower is still a massive problem for various industries nationwide. Our laborers will soon be overwhelmed with the heavy workload if some of our fellow Americans don’t go back to work soon.

“The resiliency of our post-pandemic recovery is founded upon the character of the American worker.  Despite powerful incentives to walk off the job, they carry on. Unlike today’s Washington leaders, they know one day we’ll run out of other people’s money and the spending will have to stop,” Marshall added.

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