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Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is the Latino Christian that our presidents needed



Rev. Samuel Rodriguez Jr., the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC/CONEL), is a renowned evangelical Christian leader who found his calling in the United States. 

Born to Puerto Rican parents, Rodriguez delivered his very first sermon at the age of 16, an awe-inspiring feat that very few Christian leaders can pull off. In 1992, he became an ordained minister in the Assemblies of God and then founded the NHCLC, the largest Hispanic Evangelical Christian organization in the world, with 40,000 Latino Evangelical churches as adherents.

In a recent Fox News opinion piece, Rodriguez expressed how important the National Hispanic Heritage Month is to him as a Latino reverend in America.

“National Hispanic Heritage Month is not only a time to look back at the achievements and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans, but it is also a celebration of hope for what is to come. We are pressing forward toward a bright future in which we will be the ones to inspire and achieve greatness in every sector of the United States of America,” Rodriguez stated.

A vast majority of Hispanic countries such as Venezuela and Cuba have been struggling under communist rule and Rodriguez has nothing but sympathy for his fellow-Latinos.

“Watching our friends and family members in other nations struggle under socialism and communism has strengthened our belief in free markets and self-determination. We have become the vaccine this nation needs to fight the present-day ideological virus that is trying to undermine the Constitution and reduce this nation to a socialist state,” the reverend said.

“When our Cuban brothers and sisters marched for freedom, their slogans were neither rhetorical nor utopian. They marched against the ongoing inhumane policies of a repressive regime that should be rebuked, not applauded, by all people of conscience,” he continued.

“We believe in human rights for all people, everywhere. We stand with those who say “Black lives matter” while rejecting any banner that exploits people’s hardships to advance a philosophy that is anti-Latino, anti-Christian or pro-communist. We decry statements made by the Black Lives Matter organization — one that openly embraces Marxism — when it expressed support for the communist government of Cuba,” he added.

Rodriguez’s achievements in the realm of spiritual leadership is definitely impressive but very few people know about his contribution to the American government. In fact, during the George W. Bush administration, Rodriguez advocated for bipartisan discussion on immigration reform and was also brought in to provide advisory services to presidents Bush, Obama and Trump.

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