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Republicans Still Dominate The Local Government



If you think that the Republicans are defeated just because the national government is dominated by president Biden’s allies, then you should rethink your assessment. While it is true that the Democrats got a hold on the White House and Congress, a number of prominent GOP leaders are using the best of their abilities to defy the Biden administration and bring forth change in the states that they govern.

While the Democrats are having a hard time pushing for their planned reforms, Republican governors such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott of Texas are enacting America First policies with ease. They have made some assertive moves to ease gun laws and they also took care of the immigration crisis at the southern border by visiting it before appointee Kamala Harris made her trip.

The GOP leaders have even succeeded in fighting back against social media giants for cancelling fellow conservative including former president Donald Trump. Because of their independent efforts, the support for Donald Trump has strengthened so much, as they prepare for the 2024 presidential elections.

Biden and his cohorts can impose whatever mandate that they want, but they cannot do anything when the Republican governors make their own decisions based on their conscience. The GOP-led states have succeeded in rejecting the unemployment aid that has discouraged Americans from going back to their jobs. Some states like Arizona have even decreed public schools to let people who have escaped the shackles of communism share their terrible experiences under the oppressive regimes in their countries.

Trump may not be the president anymore but his legacy thrives through his loyal allies in the local government. One example is the US-Mexico border policies that the Biden administration tried to reverse and backfired, causing a record-setting influx of illegal immigrants.

Last week, Fox News’ Hannity held a town hall style exclusive wherein Gov. Greg Abbott talked to Donald Trump about his efforts in improving the situation at the border.

“With the help of Lieutenant Governor Patrick, we passed, in our state budget that I just signed, more than a billion dollars of funding for Texas to have to step up and secure our border. And then after that, they added an additional quarter of a billion dollars for Texas to begin building our own border wall to keep Texas safe,” Abbott said.

“If you’re coming in the state of Texas, you will have Texas law enforcement arresting you and putting you behind bars. This isn’t going to be the red carpet treatment that the Biden administration has rolled out. This is going to be time in jail that our law enforcement officials will help achieve,” Abbott added.

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