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Republican Candidate Questions Rise In Crime And Calls To Defund The Police



Republican candidate Mark Moores’ campaign for the New Mexico congressional seat, has put the spotlight on issues covering the rise of crime and the defunding of the police force that the wokes are screaming out loud in the streets.

Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico is one of the urban areas in the United States that has been experiencing a surge in crime recently. Moores blasted rival Democrat Rep. Melanie Stansbury for supporting police defunding during a time when lawlessness is spreading like wildfire all over the nation.

In a Moores political TV commercial, the narrator states “Rampant crime, drug violence, a record number of homicides in Albuquerque this year. It’s never been more dangerous. Melanie Stansbury’s plan – supporting legislation that defunds the police.”

“To address Albuquerque’s crime problem, we have to invest in public safety. We need to be reforming policing in the city, and we need to be investing in the underlying causes of crime like addiction and behavioral health,” Stansbury reasoned out.

Engaging in a debate in a district that’s dominated by the Democrat Party was not an easy task for Moores as they gang up on him with their defund the police stance. New Mexico Democratic chair Jessica Valesquez hit Moores, accusing the GOP candidate of spreading fear. She then proceeded to go beyond the topic, just to bash Moores for going against her opinion.

“Moores has been forced to rely on fear mongering and falsehoods to motivate his supporters, because he knows he can’t run on his extremist record. Moores’ out-of-touch, anti-worker, and anti-women stances do not reflect the values of New Mexicans, so he’s trying to distract from the conversations about the issues that matter most to voters,” Velasquez said.

Moores also slammed the plan to close federal prison and cited the most violent criminals that will be freed if thisoushes through.

“Think about who’s in federal prison right now: El Chapo, the co-founder of al Qaeda, the Oklahoma City bomber, the Unabomber. That is how radical this agenda is, and we have to stop it,” Moores said.

In an interview with KUNM earlier last month, Moores gave a more elaborate take on what’s happening in his state lately.

“Right now, the out of control crime rate is a huge problem. And of course, that’s multifaceted. Albuquerque’s drug issue and drug rates are through the roof. And also the violent criminals haven’t been taken off the streets,” he said,

“So we’re really seeing a record number of homicides here in New Mexico and property crimes. Right now we’re on pace for another record year of homicide. That is the biggest challenge. Because what that does, it radiates all the way through society, if we’re not feeling safe,” he added.

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