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Rep. Lauren Boebert Says GOP Will Retake Congress Before Midterms Due to Wave of Resignations



Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Col.) believes that Republicans could soon take control of both houses of Congress due to a massive wave of resignations from Democrats.

Boebert suggested the scenario could become reality because of unspecified “information” that former President Donald Trump purportedly “declassified” just before leaving office. She predicted that the information would ultimately lead to resignations and put Republicans back in the driver’s seat in both the House and Senate before the 2022 midterm elections take place.

“We all know that there was information that was declassified just a few days before President Trump left office,” Boebert said during a town hall event at Turn of the Century Saloon in Montrose, Colorado on Monday, according to Montrose Daily Press. “I know someone who is involved in declassifying that. This person is getting very tired of waiting on the DOJ (Department of Justice) to do something about it.”

“We’ll be hearing about it very, very soon,” Boebert added. “This is my opinion with that information that I have. I believe we’ll see resignations begin to take place and I think we can take back the majority in the House and the Senate before 2022.”

Democrats hold a slim majority in the House, leading Republicans by only eight seats after the 2020 election. Democrats have a far more tenuous grip on the Senate, with each party’s caucus containing 50 members but Vice President Kamala Harris holding the power to break ties.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) speaks during a campaign rally in Colona, Colorado on October 10, 2020.

However, even if a relatively large number of Democratic members of Congress were to resign before 2022, it is not clear that it would result in a Republican takeover. Vacancies in the House require special elections for seats to be filled, with no reason to assume that Republicans would be victorious in every election.

Governors in some states can fill vacancies in the Senate before a special election is held. The governors almost invariably choose members of their own party to fill the seats, so any power shift would heavily depend on which seats become vacant. Some states also have laws that require vacancies to be temporarily filled with a member of the same party.

Some of Boebert’s other notable remarks during the town hall included a rant against the Equality Act, a proposal that she had previously claimed was intended to promote the “supremacy of gays and lesbians and transvestites.”

Boebert denounced transgender protections included in the bill and suggested that Democrats should start referring to her as “Congressman Boebert.” She alleged that the bill could result in fines or jail time for misgendering people and said she “can’t wait till Nancy Pelosi misgenders me.”

Boebert also railed against “radical socialist Democrats trying to cancel Christianity,” claiming an effort to “cancel Jesus” would be foiled because “you can’t cancel God.” The congresswoman maintained that an early example of “cancel culture” could be found in the Biblical story of the first murder.

“I refuse to bow to the cancel mob,” Boebert said as the crowd burst into applause. “This cancel culture, this is nothing new. This is something that has been around since the beginning of time. Go back to the book of Genesis: Cain cancelled Abel.”

The Liberty Buzz reached out to Boebert’s office for comment.



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