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Remembering Charlie Daniels through his music and advocacies



When legendary singer-songwriter Charlie Daniels passed away last year, America lost not only an irreplaceable talent but also a kind-hearted soul who possessed a profound love for flag and country. A beloved national treasure, Daniels will be forever remembered for five-decades worth of great music that broke barriers and combined elements of blues, blue grass, country, gospel and southern rock.

Having been inducted to the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in 2009, and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016, the multi-talented musician has garnered all the accolades that he deserves. However, a vast number of people in the entertainment world are not aware of Daniel’s involvement in several advocacies that are usually aimed at uplifting and improving the lives of his fellow Americans.

One of Daniel’s most important contributions to American society would be the Journey Home Project, a not-for-profit organization “that assists other not-for-profits in securing funds to help causes that benefit veterans of the United States Armed Forces.” After Daniels died in July 6, 2020, the org was renamed The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project (TCDJHP) in honor of the fallen music icon.

“I know that he was very proud of and very appreciative of the work that we were doing, so knowing that I’m kind of carrying the flame, so to speak for him. Obviously, we can never replace Charlie but what we can do is continue to carry that spirit and the things that he wanted to accomplish,” Daniel’s longtime best friend and manager David Corlew, told Fox News.

“In his heart, he just loved the veterans, he loved playing for them. He loved raising money for them and he loved spending time with them. His famous saying was, ‘there are two things that protect the United States of America against all evil, and that’s the United States military and God almighty. So Charlie was a big believer in the veterans’ community, no doubt,” Corlew added.

Music fans and veterans alike will always cherish the great memories that Charlie Daniels has left behind. The unbridled patriotism that he has exhibited through his lyrics and non-profit work is the kind of love that our nation needs today.

“I can’t think of anybody with the love of country and the love for veterans who would not be honored to have a Charlie Daniels Patriot Award so I felt like the Patriot Award would outlive him, outlive me, outlive the foundation because I just think that Charlie being a great patriot himself, it would be a moment of sincere pride,” Corlew said.

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