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Reagan’s Would-be Assassin To Be Released Soon



Recently, District Judge Paul Friedman stated that he would be granting “unconditional release” to deranged criminal John Hinckley, who gained notoriety back in 1981 for attempting to assassinate former Republican president Ronald Reagan along with three other people.

“I am going to, after all these years, grant unconditional release to Mr. Hinckley,” Friedman said during a court hearing in the District of Columbia.

The aforementioned judge has exhibited some sort of leniency for Regan’s would-be killer starting in 2016 when he allowed Hinckley to move out of a Washington psychiatric hospital, where he had been staying for the past 30 years.

Friedman said during Monday’s hearing that he plans to lift the restrictions on travel and internet usage that he imposed a few years ago. The district judge believes that Hinckley’s mental health illnesses are “in remission” making him less of a threat today. Federal prosecutor Kacie Weston stated during the court hearing that the Justice Department agrees that Hinckley deserves unconditional release.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis expressed the shock and fear that she felt when she heard of the news that the man who attempted to take his father’s life will soon be free.

“Every time I have weighed in my mind the value of informing people that this man who shot four people on a chilly March day in 1981 — shooting three of them out of the way so he could try to kill my father — shouldn’t be granted more liberty. I have weighed that against the reality that by writing I was giving Hinckley, a diagnosed narcissist, the attention he craved,” Davis wrote in her Washington Post opinion piece.

“Now, Hinckley’s last restrictions have been lifted. He can now, if he wants, contact me, my siblings and the actress Jodie Foster, whom, as is well known, he was trying to impress by carrying out his ambush,” Davis continued.

The fear that Davis is feeling right now is understandable, given the grave crime that Hinckley committed against a very powerful world leader. Even with a very high level of security back then, Hinckley succeeded in wounding president Reagan, police officer Thomas Delahanty, and Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy. Press Secretary James Brady was permanently disabled in the shooting and died from his injuries 33 years after the incident.

“And now there is another fear — that the man who wielded that gun and almost got his wish of assassinating the president could decide to contact me. There is no manual for how to deal with something like this. You can’t Google it or look for reference material. You just have to live with the fear, and the anger, and the darkness that one person keeps bringing into your life,” Davis concluded.

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