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Ravens Are Swooping In and Stealing Groceries From Shoppers in Costco Parking Lot



Edgar Allen Poe would be impressed with these ravens.

Residents of Anchorage, Alaska are struggling to shop for groceries in peace due to a recent influx of hungry ravens in their Costco parking lot.

Alaskan native Marnie Jones spoke to the Anchorage Daily News after falling victim to a thieving raven. While unloading her family’s purchases, a four-pack of steaks fell out of the shopping cart. But it wasn’t until she and her husband got home did they realize they were now left with only three steaks.

“He said, ‘Oh my God, after I picked up that pack of steaks, I saw a raven in the parking lot with a steak in his mouth,'” Jones told the outlet.

A Common Raven makes a warning call near Santa Fe, New Mexico. A study suggested that ravens are just as good as humans at pre-planning tasks.
Robert Alexander/Getty



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