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Putin Blames America In Press Conference After Biden Meet



Right after president of Russia Vladimir Putin met up with U.S. president Joe Biden, a press conference was set up for him to address questions and inform the public about the issues that they talked about in person. The press conference featured media people from CNN, RT, ABC News, Izvestia Newspaper and other news outlets. Putin answered back in the Russian language.

The English translation of the press conference however, revealed that the macho populist leader placed a whole lot of blame on America, instead of owning up to the issues that his administration was either involved in or was responsible for.

When Matthew Chance of CNN brought out the issue of Russia deploying troops near the Ukranian border, Putin did explain about his actions but also maneuvered the topic to America and how they treated his country.

“The United States declared Russia as its enemy and adversary, and the Congress made it back in 2017. The US legislation have provisions that the United States should support the order and rule of democratic order in our country and support democratic organizations. And it is all contained in your legislation,” Putin said.

Pavel Zuribin of RT brought up Biden’s comment that Putin was a killer, and the Russian president shifted the spotlight to America’s shortcomings in keeping the peace and also veered the topic further to Afghanistan, Cuba and the secret service.

“But look at it this way. Look at the American streets. People are getting killed there, including those who are leading the various political organizations. You can get a bullet in the back of your neck. A woman just ran away from the police, and they shot her in the back,” he said.

“But take Afghanistan. One single strike can kill to the tune of 120 people. All right. Assuming this was a mistake, it happens on a war, but shooting from a drone at an unarmed crowd, clearly the civilian crowd, what is this about? How would you call that? And who’s responsible for this? And how would you call this person? Who is the killer now? All going back to the human rights record,” he continued.

“The Guantanamo Prison is still operating. It doesn’t even start to resemble what is stipulated in the international law or in the US legislation, and yet it exists,” he added.

“Secret CIA prisons across the globe, including those in European countries, where people were tortured. Is this a great human rights record? Oh, I doubt that. Would anyone here would agree that this is how you protect the human rights?” 

Putin would also deny that Russia was flexing its muscles in the Arctic Circle when the RT reporter asked him about it, claiming that it was an ordinary exercise.

“Yes, United States have concerns, but they are completely baseless. These concerns about the militarization are baseless. We are not doing anything new. We are simply restoring the infrastructure that has already been there,” Putin said.

The world may deem Biden and Putin’s meeting in Geneva as a huge step towards world peace and cooperation, but the Russian strongman’s answers obviously show the truth that we are lightyears away from achieving that level of trust.

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