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Do The Ps5 Replacement Updates Are Worth Waiting For? We Put Exclusive Ps5, Games And Lower The Microscope.



Is it worth waiting for the PS5 restock updates? I’ve been using the PlayStation 5 for the last month and looking further ahead at what is coming from Sony and developers working on PS5 games.

Now I can share the essential things that I’ve discovered while using the PS5, doing in-depth research into the key features, and spending time with the PS5 controller.

Many people are still asking about the PS5 price, which is important to consider since you can save $100 if you are willing to go all-digital, but that version may also be harder to find. And that’s saying a lot since PS5 restocks are already incredibly difficult.

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Is the PlayStation 5 fun enough to wait for the next PS5 restock?
Josh Smith

The most important thing to consider as you wait for PS5 restocks is if the PlayStation 5 is fun. While I still would pick the Xbox Series X if I could only keep one console, I am having a blast playing the PS5.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a blast to play. The game is incredibly fluid, the city is lively, and the in-game sound design is stellar. I am taking my time with it since most of the PS5 exclusives I am waiting for won’t arrive for months, but it is super fun.

I enjoy Astro’s Playground even though it isn’t a super deep game. It’s still a fun distraction, and it is free.

With more time to spend inside this year, and likely in 2021, I plan to take advantage of the PS5 backward compatibility to finally finish God of War and dive into my other older PS4 games that I didn’t have time to complete.

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